The digital revolution
at the service of Humans

Optimize your performance with AI

7 years of experience

in the development of more than a hundred solutions

 based onArtificial intelligence

to create business value.


Improve the management of your purchases with Data Science

Supply Chain

Add value to your data and optimize your Supply Chain


Significantly increase the overall quality of your processes thanks to Data Science


Optimize your production tool with Predictive Maintenance

Human Ressources

Improve performance and attractiveness thanks to People Analytics


Understand and retain your customers


Assurez la sécurité de vos données et collaborateurs avec l’IA


Reduce the risk and expense of fraud

Need to optimize another area?

Aqsone supports

its clients

from strategic framing to industrialization

Strategic advice

Development of AI solutions


1 - Estimate the potential

We target your most important issues and identify if your data can answer them

2 - Confirm the value

We develop solutions and demonstrate their effectiveness. (Launch of a Proof Of Concept with ROI analysis)

3 - Industrialize the solution

We support you in deploying the solution on a large scale.

Our customers, thank you à eux

Four areas of expertise

Aqsone is a forerunner in certain areas, so we rely on the know-how accumulated over seven years to offer unique expertise.

Data visualizations

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Discover AI for your business

With Aqsone, optimize your performance.