Our expertise in Data Science

Concrete and pragmatic expertise.

Four areas of expertise

Aqsone is a forerunner in certain areas, so we rely on the know-how accumulated over seven years to offer unique expertise.

Data visualizations

Understand behaviors , trends and correlations through innovative representations of data.

Machine Learning

Predict the future through analysis of past behavior and anticipate risks.

Natural Language Processing

Extract value from a series of texts through statistical analysis and semantic using Naturel Language Processing (NLP).

Computer Vision

Automatically classify images or detect objects in an image thanks to Deep Learning.


The expertise is worked on daily

How we cultivate expertise at Aqsone

Les avantages du Machine Learning dans notre monde de demain

Recruit talent

Tests of theoretical, psychotechnical and practical recruitment to have the best Data Scientists.

Le NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Continuing education

Take the time to carry out specialized training on dedicated platforms (MIT, Stanford, Coursera, etc.).

Image Processing and Computer Vision

Attend conferences

Each year, attend conferences to follow trends and innovation, then shared with the team!

La recommandation permet de trouver des informations pertinentes.

Knowledge sessions

Each month, a Data Scientist presents an innovative subject or project to the whole team during lunch.

La recommandation permet de trouver des informations pertinentes.

Innovate in the Lab

Data Scientists spend 20% of their time in the Lab,inventing the next Data Science solutions.

A Data Science team

The team to deliver our Data Science solutions

Data Engineer

The Data Engineer collects, ingests and cleans the data. He or she optimizes, deploys and monitors predictive models in production.

Visualization expert

The visualization expert designs interactive reports to facilitate discussions between trades.

Data Scientist

The Data Scientist starts by understanding the problem. He or she designs algorithms and models, and shares the results with the various stakeholders.

Product Owner

The Agile methodology facilitates the achievement of objectives. The Product Owner defines the vision, formalizes and prioritizes tasks, eliminates obstacles.

Adapted technologies

Data Science

Data Viz