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Charles began his career asaeronautical engineer at the Airbus design office. After an entrepreneurial adventure and training in Innovation Management, he decided to tackle cutting-edge technological areas: firstly cybersecurity, then theAI upon arriving at Aqsone. For more than 3 years now, he hashelps its customers to meet their business challenges by adopting Artificial Intelligence.

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How would you define success?

Success is very often linked to money and power. I want to think that success consists of being happy in your life and being aligned with your beliefs, whatever form that may take.


If you had to choose a mentor, anyone, who would that person be?

Jean Marc Jancovici. I find that he has a reasoned vision of the world around us, without real dogma.


Do you have a favorite quote?

“There is no favorable wind for him who does not know where he is going” (Seneca) It is a quote that reminds me that it is important to think about the objective you want to achieve before acting . In this world where everything moves very quickly, I think it is important, although difficult, to more often take the time before acting urgently.


If you could visit a past era, what would it be?

Like many people my age, I was captivated by Jurrasic Park. I would therefore without hesitation say the Jurassic to see all the fauna and flora that existed at that time.


Now let's talk about Aqsone, what is a typical day at work like and what projects are you currently working on?

No day is the same. I work every day on missions as a data consultant / project manager, and I can very well work on commercial proposals, on the organization of the Aqsone Lab, on the organization of the Consulting Department or any other subject related to the operation of Aqsone.


What do you like best about your job?

It's this diversity in my work that I love, as well as the possibility of having an overview of the company's activities.


What are your hopes for our business?

I hope that the vast majority of projects on which we work with our clients are linked to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, whether directly or indirectly.


What do you look for in your colleagues?

Kindness, open-mindedness, mutual assistance and good humor.

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